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3 Private Conversation Lesson Package

28,000 JPY

※This is digital item



After successful completion of our “Welcome Lesson Package,” you can choose this lesson package. Contents: ・3 Private Conversation Lessons ・Daily Japanese Support Service ・Student-Tailored Explanatory Sheet Service (sent as a PDF file) Private Conversation Lesson: ・The duration of one conversation lesson is 60 minutes. ・Private Conversation Lessons expire 60 days after payment has been successfully received. Daily Japanese Support Service: ・We use the messaging service “Chatwork.” Making your own account is free and you can use it with your PC or smartphone (both iOS and Android are supported). ・You can use the support service until your last conversation lesson expires. ・ Please keep your submitted video or audio file under one minute. You can submit either a video or audio file up to 3 times a day. Please limit your message to a maximum of 3 paragraphs of 400 characters or less per day. ・We will reply to your message within 2 working days. Student-Tailored Explanatory Sheet Service (sent as a PDF file): ・We send the Explanatory Sheet through our chat service. ・This service is available until your last conversation lesson expires. Payment Method: PayPal ※ The customer is responsible for the exchange rate of their currency to yen. Please check the exchange rate via this link. https://ppcurrencyconverter.com/ Creating an account is optional; please feel free to use the store as a guest when purchasing our lesson packages. The terms and the conditions are the same as for our “Welcome Lesson Package.” If you want to read the details, please visit our website “Ichiyo’s Japanese Online Lesson.” https://ichiwebsite.com/

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